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Workers’ Compensation


Workers’ Compensation Law Firm in Arvada, CO Seeking Full Compensation for You

Ready to help when you are injured on the job

If you are injured while working, the immediate and long-term physical and financial consequences can be overwhelming. The attorneys at The Elliott Law Offices, P.C. have accomplished records for their personable and successful advocacy for those who have suffered work-related injuries in the Denver region. Let us help ensure that you still earn a living, support yourself and your family and maintain your financial stability.

What qualifies as a workers’ comp claim?

Any injury that occurs while you are at work can be considered a job-related injury. This includes ongoing injuries or an aggravation of preexisting conditions by factors at your workplace. Even heart attacks and strokes resulting from your work-related activity may be covered by workers’ compensation. You are covered by workers’ compensation insurance from the minute you enter your jobsite to the moment you leave it. We have focused on this area of law since 1984 and have vast experience helping injured workers recover compensation for their damages suffered. We represent a variety of workers, including:

  • Firefighters
  • Construction workers
  • Factory and machinery operators
  • Mining workers
  • Blue collar workers in general

We can assist you with any type of serious accident that could result in a workers’ compensation claim.

Understanding the specifics of a potential workers’ compensation claim

Not every claim is the same. Some are quite serious and long-term. Others are short-term, requiring only a few weeks of paid time because of an injury. The clear objectives, though, are to establish that the injury wasn’t caused by the victim and that the injury occurred in the workplace. Below are important factors in workers’ compensation that you should understand:

  • Maximum medical improvement (MMI) — MMI, or maximum medical improvement, is when a workers’ compensation patient gets to a place where his or her injury can no longer get better with the help of medical treatment.
  • Compensation appeals Many times, claims are denied, leaving workers without any benefits. However, a compensation appeal can be petitioned to reverse the decision, granting the worker those benefits.

Additionally, our firm consults with you and represents you on these occasions:

  • Filing workers’ compensation claims
  • Appealing a denial of compensation
  • Reaching MMI

We are with you every step of the way. The MMI and compensation appeal require experience in litigation and negotiation. We’re here to represent you and ensure that your rights are addressed and that your compensation is fair and equitable.

Serving the Denver region’s workers’ compensation cases

Being hurt while on the job can be a very serious matter that can negatively affect your physical, emotional and financial well-being. At The Elliott Law Offices, P.C., we aggressively engage the insurance companies and partner with you in solving your legal challenges. For a free consultation, contact one of our attorneys today by phone at 303-872-6274 or via our website contact page.